Why Use Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits At The Workplace?

Federal law requires that all workplaces be free of all drugs. It is also in the best interests of employees to be safe and healthy at workplace. Employees are more than the amount they earn. They bring energy and creativity to improve productivity and improve bottom line results. Employers can help create a safe environment without sacrificing safety and efficiency by conducting workplace testing.

Employer urine examinations will require drug testing tools. Not only are they easy enough for most people, but they also allow results to be obtained quickly and precisely by a single test that can confirm the fact that your employee is using drugs at work if you know what substance the employee was using prior to his test. This is possible in cases in which the employee isn’t certain of the type or quantity of substance that contributed to their positive results. Multi-panel kits are offered to help solve these issues. They allow users to access multiple panels, meaning they will get the most accurate results from all classes.

Employers can utilize the multi-panel kit to find out if their employees are using prescription drugs. The kits come with different panels that can identify various drugs and test substances, so you’ll never get caught out when it comes to business.

The most widely used drug test kit on the market today is the urine test. They detect 2-12 different drugs at once which includes cocaine and marijuana without forgetting other favorite substances like barbiturates or amphetamines. The substances are linked to specific antibodies in urine, which causes changes in color at fingertips, when microwaves are applied to warm it.

Why prefer them:

The employees might be concerned about their privacy since single drug tests are able to be able to detect certain substances. Multi-panel kits enable the identification of more substances and can reduce both of these issues due to the fact that there’s less repeat testing needed when using these kits when compared to single-panel kit usage which can be expensive and also if employers wish to have they are conducted frequently enough or at all depending on what the culture of the business is like. Here are some advantages:

Their test for drugs detects the most frequently used illegal and prescription drugs, leaving no chance for employees to be uncovered. Employers who fail to take consider employees’ health after they stop using drugs are often too poor to recognize them.

A majority of employees will give their samples if they have the choice. An employer could simply take one sample and give it to the employer instead of waiting while avoiding awkward interactions with colleagues who might be experimenting with drugs at work.

Drug tests are an established method to ensure that employees are drug-free. But, they can be expensive for employers who have to take every employee’s test individually with separate kits, which are more expensive than multi-panel tests , which do not require the same amount of samples from each worker , and thus decrease costs in some instances.

Employers and employees are able to use the test kits that are simple to use, without any help from professionals. They can be used at any time and even working.

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