What Is Sadaqah Jariyah, Charity Ever-flowing?

Islam encourages you to give and get rewarded through a variety of methods. Sadaqah jariyah, which is a type of charitable giving that gives back after the reward has been redeemed, is one of the ways. Plant seeds for trees. When they grow to maturity, they will shade you during hot days and help keep you warm during winter. Your good deeds won’t stop there. The fruit they produce will continue to provide nourishment for many years.

Jariyah is a term used to describe charity Jariyah means charity in Arabic. There are a variety of jiraiya’s you can give towards and we have selected five examples to illustrate how you can engage in this kind of giving, hopefully inspiring yourself with these ideas to continue to help others with sadaqah.

The process of sponsoring a child or orphan

There are millions of kids all over the world who have been denied an education or lack the basic abilities needed to be successful. It’s a shame, as the children will never know what they’ve been missing. Let us help them reach their goals by providing high-quality early childhood programs which allow every child to discover how valuable knowledge can be and to take in different perspectives.

We must work together now to ensure that the next generation can live better lives than us today.

The role of individuals in making sure that their children are well-off are often overlooked, but it can secure the chance at prosperity and success and not just for that specific family member or the individual. By sponsoring a child , are ensuring they have access to education which will provide them with valuable skills should they want to pursue this route later on in life’s path. This makes your contribution far-reaching to only those who receive help through Child Sponsorship Programs.

Education / Skills / Teaching / Spreading Awareness of Islam

Islam is an Islamic religion that rewards those who spread information. The people of the religion, Muslims, have a responsibility to our fellow Muslims. The act of teaching someone to study the Holy Quran brings a reward even after death . Every whenever your student repeats or teaches someone else his or her mantra, then both will be gaining. Make a difference instead of dying someday.

Building a Water Well

Imagine living without drinking water that is safe to drink. It’s hard enough to get the most essential of daily necessities but what if were unable to access it? It would be impossible to go about your normal routine and perform everything that is important to take your own care or working in a profession where healthy habits of hygiene is vital (think health care). The situation is made more difficult when you consider the fact that many emerging countries do not have enough resources to meet their needs to them on their own. They rely heavily upon international assistance that usually has little other reward than gratitude.

Participating in the Building of a Mosque, School, or Hospital

Many people of faith choose to give to mosques and schools in order to benefit from the benefits. You can also contribute your funds and time for goals like building an orphanage. This is done on behalf of other individuals who can benefit from these donations. This is just one of many examples that show how giving back can make you feel more satisfied than if had bought something materialistic with all those prayer points.

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