How To Use Room Escape Games For Team Building

If you think about it, room escapes are an effective way to dispel workplace stereotypes. With all these barriers to communication between employees working in the same location and even across teams within a single room in the company, escapes are a good way to break them! Businesses have realized this fact and there’s been an increase in recent years witnessing the level of activity at these events for Team Building purposes alone (not to mention fun! ).

Team building is about creating an atmosphere that encourages and prepares employees to resolve business challenges in a teamwork manner. There’s more than one way to go about it However, one favorite activity involves engaging in enjoyable activities like escape rooms. These games not only encourage collaboration amongst coworkers but also provide them with valuable knowledge about how things work behind the in the background.

An Exciting Escape Room Game That Helps in Team Building

The most thrilling game you can take part in when you escape a room is playing as a hungry zombie. Your team will be trapped by a chainsaw-wielding zombie that is moving faster as the clock ticks.

The game takes one hour long, and at the conclusion, you’ll be able to explore every corner of your room. There are many clues that need to be solved or riddles to solve in this section. This space is about escaping from zombies with keys you can find in town. However, don’t worry if there’s not much progress. In some cases, unexpected events could save you from certain death (or more serious).


Groups of participants must communicate regularly with one another to ensure that the process runs smoothly , without any hidden clues. You can’t hide anything from your fellow teammates, or tell them about any significant discoveries you make. It won’t just make your life more difficult as a leader, but the others around you as well.

Explore the possibilities

These games will put your brain to the ultimate examination, challenging you with questions you’ve never encountered before. You’re eager for something new and more exciting. Therefore, let your imagination be wild. There are no limits in the amount to which one can think outside of the box, searching for clues can help solve puzzles.

Escape room experiences require that everybody be present physically and emotionally. It’s a tough but fun group activity.

Take Lead or Follow

Escape rooms differ from other game. It requires skill, teamwork and a strategy to break out of the allotted time limit within the space that is confined, making an ideal team-building exercise and also. Your main goal is to ensure your teammates don’t fall for death traps or lockouts that could be harmful to their safety.

Your team must consult on a regular basis when there is a need to have leaders. My team learns to work in a team and not be involved in debates about leadership , or even be candidates for jobs with boss-like characteristics that do not make sense for them.

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