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Are you looking for a good propane conversion kit?  At we provide propane power kits for 4, 6, and 8 cylinder vehicles. From small engine propane conversion kits to auto propane conversions of larger vehicles we have the equipment and the design techniques to make your automobile run on propane.


Whether you are doing fleet automobile propane conversions or simply want propane conversion kits for your own vehicles, we have the auto propane conversion kits to convert your gas vehicle into a propane/gas hybrid. Do you own propane powered vehicles? Are you tired of being held hostage to the gas industry? Turn to automotive propane conversion and enjoy the ability to switch from a gas vehicle to a gas to propane conversion vehicle. For expertise turn to for all you're propane conversion needs!


The Poweredbypropane Conversion Kit 



The poweredbypropane conversion kit is the IV generation high quality device fulfilling rigorous standards regarding fuel dosage and performance. Our design control algorithms of propane injectors are based on control impulses for fuel injectors where real time corrections are calculated for every injector separately. In effect, using OBD emulators and elaborate mapping of propane injectors, as it was in the case of older designs of controllers, is no longer necessary.

A great advantage of the ECU is its ability to map propane injectors' based on performance of gasoline fuel injectors during the drive. This simplifies and shortens the time of device installation in a car and respectively raises the quality of control and reduces fuel consumption. Installation and calibration processes are universal and irrespective of the type and brand of a car, as well as the mechanical components uses (reducers, injectors). 

The ECU design employs the most recent methods of processing electronic impulses in propane conversion systems. This results in a precise dosage which in turn supplies the engine's combustion chambers with the most optimal ratio and mixture of propane and air.
A miniature console is the only element of the system installed inside the drivers cabin. This small unit allows the driver to observe the level of propane in the tank(depends on what kind of tank setup you have), indicates the stages of employment of the ECU, and allows for a manual change from propane to gasoline.

Advantages of the poweredbypropane conversion system:

  • Supply of the propane-AIR mixture to the cylinders in the optimal phase of the engine cycle - corresponding with the cycle used by the injection of gasoline
  • Simplicity in service, configuration and diagnostics of the system
  • Compatibility with OBD (on-board-diagnostics)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clear, simple, user friendly interface allowing for time efficient service.
  • Fully automatic operation including automated switching from propane to gasoline when the propane tank is empty
  • Eliminates Backfire and possible consequential damage of intake manifolds, air filters and housing or flow meters.

Programming The ECU :

  • The software used for the ECU has an option for the calibration of the system under a full load during driving. This allows for performance nearly identical to gasoline.              
  • Additional function allows for self-diagnostics of the system and correction of problems when necessary.
  • Possibility of manual modification  of the composition of the mixture within the range of -25% to + 25% and time of injection 1-20 ms.
  • The program contains information important for future servicing such as the size of the engine, size of installed injectors and the date of the installation.
  • ECU is extremely versatile so that it allows for various configuration of the components making it suitable to be used with almost any car on the market.


The poweredbypropane conversion kits are available for all 4,6 and 8 cylinder engines naturally aspirated as well as turbo charged. 

Sequential Gas Injection is the IV generation in propane conversion kits - its usage eliminates the II and III generation devices' defects, which are:

  • Backfire and consequence possible damages of intake manifolds, air filters and housing or flow meters.
  • Difficulties in diagnostics- The poweredbypropane kit does not require any additional injection emulators or Oxygen sensor emulators